In our experience working with families, we have learned that when a loved one passes many questions remain and one major complication to resolving issues is lack of information. Sometimes this means not even knowing who to ask and what the right questions are?

Autopsy Pathology Services is committed to a family-centered model of business where every effort is made to make a difficult time more bearable through respecting the grieving process, offering 24 hr/day consultation, and working with the family as to when, where and what is to be done.


Complete and limited autopsies to find extent of disease, illness and cause of death


Neuropath Autopsies (brain) Click here for more information


Sensitive, professional, respectful treatment of our clients


Strictly confidential treatment of each case


24 hour service in Southern California


We work with the funeral home to schedule the procedure


Detailed report completed by experienced pathologist


Direct access to our pathologists


Offer deposition/testimony/court time if autopsy becomes a legal case