We provide quality and timely services to Research communities around the country.

We provide precise and experienced organ and tissue procurement for research facilities and researchers. Our company is equipped to do any type of procurement that is needed. We have been providing procurement services for researchers for the past 16 years and understand the importance of following research protocols to the letter. We can prepare, pack, ship and/or transport any tissue to your exact specification to anywhere in the country. We are available 24 hours a day everyday of the year and will travel to the destination needed to do the procurement required for your protocol.

If you are in need of tissues that are outside of your company's protocol, please go to our sister company's website at (coming soon)

There you will find complete services to help with your donation needs. Giving Hope Research understands the importance of donating for research. They provide these services to help families, like yours, make a better future for the generations to come.

Experienced, comprehensive and timely tissue procurement


Total research protocol compliance


State of the art equipment for any type of Preparation, Freezing and/or fixation


We pack, ship and/or transport any tissue to your exact specification anywhere in the country


Fully staffed: Dieners, Pathologists, and Neuropathologists


Neurodegenerative disease and histopathological diagnosis


Mobile service (We travel where you need us to perform any procurement)


24 hour availability